The Value Reflection of Contemporary Bead Embroidery Art in Urban Home Decoration


“Chinese bead embroidery culture has become a tradition and a power of inheritance to some extent.” The application of bead embroidery technology in various aspects can be used in all kinds of urban home design with distinctive styles. The material of beaded embroidery is special and can show the effect of relief. Bead embroidery is a traditional manual technique, which is made by craftsmen who delicately sew beautiful beads by hand, and then use certain processing techniques to make bead embroidery until the perfect effect of the work is achieved.

The function and characteristics of bead embroidery art

The bead embroidery process is a variety of colored beads or beads, which are refined by hand by professional embroiderers. Bead embroidery is rich in materials, including pearls, glass beads, sequins, bead tubes, artificial gemstones, crystals, acrylics and some unconventional materials. Beaded home decoration is characterized by grandeur, refinement and perfection, with an embossed visual effect. Secondly, beaded embroidery can change the texture of the material, thereby breaking the texture and touch of the original material itself, making it better reflected in urban home decoration and other aspects.

Selection of Bead Embroidery Art in Home Decoration Materials

(1) Decoration requirements for beaded embroidery

Beaded home decoration materials include polyester, imitation silk, wool fabrics and other fabrics. The beaded fabric is beautiful and dynamic. The wool fabric sewn with sequins forms a strong contrast with the sequins, which is dazzling. Bead embroidery home decoration production is to first rub the pattern on the home decoration material, and then use the techniques of inlay and hanging decoration. High-end beaded embroidery is to do a lot of patterns on decorative materials to form an organization. Ordinary bead embroidery is only a small embellishment of sequins.

(2) Color matching in bead embroidery home decoration

The color matching of beaded embroidery should be consistent with the style of home decoration. Whether it’s a combination of similar colors and complementary contrasting colors, as long as the overall style is consistent with the style of home decor. However, the brand home decoration design is often expressed according to the series, and it is also sold by the series effect in the sales store, so the color of the bead embroidered home decoration needs to be completed with the requirements of the series sense, and it is necessary to pay attention to the color and the color of the bead embroidered home decoration materials. The perfect combination of overall design style.

(3) Requirements for bead embroidery on home materials

Fresh home decoration should not use materials that are too heavy or dull, and do not need to use too many sequins and other materials, so as not to destroy the overall effect of home decoration; and home products suitable for rich colors often use heavy materials, choose large Granular bead embroidery material to show the visual sense of characteristic home decoration; ethnic style home decoration is suitable for embellishment with natural wood embroidery beads, colored diamonds, etc.; Silver rhinestones and sequins complete the effect of the outfit.

The manifestation of beaded embroidery in home decoration

(1) Dispersing and combining

It is a way of redesigning the decorative parts of conventional household products, breaking up the design elements and recombining them. Use people’s constant thinking mode to reverse design research, so that home products reflect the performance effect of fashion and avant-garde, and can reflect the alternative characteristics of home products. Human visual impact. Since people often think with directional thinking in the form of home decoration, this deformation can attract people’s attention and favor.

(2) Repetition and arrangement

The repeated arrangement and combination of a certain element in home decoration design produces a profound visual impact. We often see a sense of power and rhythm in the repeated appearance of unit elements. Repetition deepens the impression in people’s minds by recurring elements. Embroidery beads can be repeated in a single form, or the pattern can be repeated after combination, and the visual shock will be more effective.

(3) Exaggeration and personality

In the characteristics of decorative objects in home decoration design, the design highlights the sexual characteristics through exaggeration in terms of volume, size and quantity. Exaggeration is to emphasize the characteristics of the design object. There are many exaggeration techniques in home decoration design, and embroidery beads can also be displayed flexibly, which can achieve a good aesthetic effect. Embroidery beads can be exaggerated in quantity. In addition to decorative materials, exaggerated objects can also be used for home decoration. Make appropriate exaggerated changes in the details of the parts to reflect the overall effect with individual characteristics.

(4) Convergence and completeness

The dispersion of embroidery beads is a composition method of decomposing and combining, dividing the complete part into small parts, and then decorating and combining. The scattered part is different from the prototype part, and these elements have similarities with each other, and there are certain changes in the unity. The methods of dispersion and combination are mostly reflected in the change of pattern organization in home decoration. Deconstruction-style home decoration is a way of breaking up the composition. After the home decoration objects are broken up and then reassembled into a new image, the home decoration has a visual impact.

(5) Contrast and Harmony

Make an orderly arrangement and contrast between the whole and the parts of the home decoration, and compare the parts and the parts. Used in home decoration design, it refers to the comparison of the detail elements of home decoration with the overall home decoration, making it visually harmonious.

Application of Bead Embroidery Art in Modern Home Decoration

(1) Embroidery requirements for bead embroidery art

According to the requirements of the size and material of the embroidery beads, it is very important to choose embroidery beads when embroidering beads. When completing the embroidery process, choose materials with uniform size and volume, and beads of different sizes will affect the final large effect. The direction of bead embroidery, when embroidering bead embroidery, requires that the inclination direction of all beads must be consistent in order to have a sense of luster. Needle starting point requirements, when embroidering beads, usually the bottom row of the pattern (lower left corner or lower right corner) is the starting point. When starting the needle, first knot the end of the embroidery thread, pass a few stitches on the back of the embroidery cloth (be careful not to penetrate to the front), and then pass through the straight needle point. Needle narrowing requirements, when the embroidery thread is almost used up, thread the needle into the back of the embroidery cloth, thread a few stitches on the back of the embroidery cloth, and then cut it directly, and must tie it again. Be careful to make as few knots as possible on the embroidered fabric.

(2) The application of bead embroidery in wedding home decoration design

Hand-made beaded embroidery reveals luxury and sophistication. No matter how the time settles, hand-made beaded embroidery on wedding dress and home decoration is the darling of people who love beauty. Among them, creative fox and FARAH KHAN are the most commonly used bead embroidery art designs. With novel and unique traditional craftsmanship, the dazzling three-dimensional pattern is embroidered, bringing a luxurious feeling of grandeur. Embroidery, lace, hot diamonds, beaded embroidery, fur and other gorgeous decorations will be concentrated in her designs, or coquettish, or grotesque, or decadent, or retro, with the graceful curves of the human body, it looks noble and elegant, bewildering and charming ,As shown in Figure 1.

(3) The application of bead embroidery in Chinese style home decoration design

In recent years, a strong Chinese wind has been blowing more and more fiercely in the home decoration design industry. The cultural essence that has been passed down for thousands of years has become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers to create and design. The 2015 Advanced Home Decoration Design Conference was held in the Golden Hall of the Beijing Hotel. Home decoration design and design can be highly summarized into five characteristics: with “ritual” as the soul, “brocade” as the material, “embroidery” as the work, and “national color” as the body, the collection presents thousands of years of Chinese home decoration design. civilization, creating a unique home decoration image in modern China, continuing the Chinese spirit of “connecting ancient and modern, integrating Chinese and Western”, combining the elegant, noble, concise and graceful home decoration culture of the Song Dynasty with the light, transparent and soft colors of the 2015 International A subtle fusion of popular home decor trends opens up a subtle dialogue about aesthetics and history, flowers and poetry. Elegant and light design, elegant and noble colors, kesi, brocade, gold printing, embroidery and other Chinese handed down techniques make home decoration dazzling. It is a masterpiece that perfectly integrates classic and fashion, as shown in Figure 2.


The art of bead embroidery plays a huge role in the design of modern home decoration, and its icing on the cake artistic effect will always be favored by people. As an emerging decorative technique for home decoration, the handmade techniques of bead embroidery are increasingly enriched, and its decorative patterns, colors and materials are also affected by fashion trends. In modern home decoration design, pay attention to fashion trends at any time, grasp aesthetic needs, use different textures and craftsmanship of home decoration, cleverly use different modeling techniques and special craftsmanship of bead embroidery decorative patterns, colors and materials to design, according to different Decorative themes and design techniques enrich the appearance of home decoration, making bead embroidery more contemporary and appealing in home decoration. Understanding the application and techniques of bead embroidery in modern home decoration not only realizes the importance of bead embroidery in home decoration, but also inherits and praises traditional Chinese handicrafts.