21 Best Office Chairs Of 2021

There are many different types of office chairs to match your requirements and make sure you never suffer from posture issues. You can choose from revolving chairs, ergonomic chairs, or desk chair. All these office chair options are made specifically to take care of different needs and may not work in all cases. Browse our online store to find the ideal traditional or contemporary desk chair for your workspace. When you’re sticking to a strict budget and need to find office chairs on sale, we’ve got you covered. All our office furniture is competitively priced, and we provide quantity discounts on many of our chairs. With over 30 years of experience in the furniture retail world, Modern Office knows what to look for and offers some of the best office chairs from leading brands. We negotiate the best possible prices with the manufacturer, which allows us to provide high-quality ergonomic office chairs at cheap prices. You can’t go wrong when you buy office furniture from Modern Office. For over 30 years, we’ve offered the best office chairs from some of the world’s leading brands, and we negotiate affordable prices with the manufacturers to pass the savings along to you.

This large and impressive-looking chair is covered with leather and offers full back support, so you can lean back and survey your corporate empire. Five rollers allow you to move around with relative ease, although, at 55 pounds and supporting up to 350 pounds, this is one of the heavier chairs on the market. The Branch Ergonomic Chair has seven adjustment points , which were easy to change. Our one critique is that its padded seat didn’t feel as comfortable as mesh seats. Sure, you could spend upward of a grand on a Herman Miller Aeron, but unless you’re planning to work from home permanently, you don’t need to go all out on an office chair. Instead, you need a decent adjustable chair that doesn’t cost an arm, a leg and a spine.

The Seak structure of this chair makes you feel very comfortable. It uses a smart mechanism that assists you to lock it to any position. You can work for a long time by sitting on this chair without getting any back pain. This chair comes in black color and perfect for home and office usages. Long, upholstered seating designed for two or more people to sit in at a time. These chairs are designed to look impressive, usually with high backs and ample cushion. These chairs, which are rated for over 250 lbs., provide an extra roomy build for those who need more space. Big and tall chairs also include heavy-duty construction to ensure long-lasting use and safe support throughout the work day.

An easy choice for one of the best office chairs around today. There’s no point in having an ergonomic office chair if you have to strain yourself when reaching the controls. Controls should be quick to adjust and operate even from a seated position, so you can tilt and go lower or higher without too much effort. Additionally, movements are made more convenient with swivel and casters. The swivel function will allow you to rotate your chair to reach various spots in your work area, while smooth-rolling casters will ensure easy mobility. An office chair with good lumbar support is also a worthy investment.

Maybe you’ve taken over the kitchen counter, sprawled on the living room sofa or turned your bedroom into a semi-functional office. That last one definitely rings true for me, but the struggle to find the right office furniture — and avoid the inevitable back pain that comes with working from bed — has been a slow process. Available in multiple color options, the Lexi chair brings a modern look as well as a bold accent into the office. This desk chair in a neutral linen will go with any modern desk. Although we like how minimalistic the chair is, the lack of locking mechanisms in the armrests are troubling. We found the ME7ERG to be intuitive and supportive, as almost every adjustment is built into one mechanism. However, what sets this chair apart from its competitors are the armrests. Designed with a joint similar to that of a human shoulder, the Gesture’s arms can move any way yours can. A chair mat also makes a difference, not only for your floor but for your legs and back. Well, a floor mat allows you to glide and swivel with relative ease, rather than digging new trenches in your carpet every time you need to wheel over to your printer.

China mesh office chair

This seat comes fully assembled with an airlift piston that allows height adjustment from a little over 26 inches up to 35 inches. Nothing is worse than sitting down in a chair and feeling like you’re going to tip right out of it. Thankfully, you won’t have that feeling in this chair, as it has a bigger base with double casters that make the chair very sturdy. The back of the chair can be tipped back and locked into position, so you don’t have to constantly adjust anytime you wish to kick back a little bit. For an even more space-age design, the Herman Miller Embody chair offers a combination of simplicity, flexibility, and personalized ergonomics, but we think it actually looks like a jet about to take off. The Mirra 2 is a similar design to the Celle we covered above, and another great option in the Herman Miller range (pitched at around the same cost, as well, though it’s just a touch more expensive). Overall, this is another good value chair from Herman Miller, given what you’re getting, and you can grab the Mirra 2 here.

It’s comfortable and adjustable so you can align it perfectly for your own neck and head position. The seat is engineered with a lot of structural aluminum, including the wheelbase. In addition to the usual height adjustment, the seat tilts and reclines. In fact, it reclines from 85 to 165 degrees, which is virtually straight back. You could nap in this chair, and the side wings keep you in place. These are great qualities for the rough handling gaming chairs often receive. Under the PU leather is Secretlab’s cold cure foam which delivers a firm and supportive, but not too hard or rigid, feel that is surprisingly comfortable. Complementing the seat is a pair of memory foam pillows you can position as you like, and they offer welcome lumbar and neck support. American industrial design legend Niels Diffrient authored many products of great importance, but this was his magnum opus. As illogical as it sounds, standing and raising desks do need seats of their own.

Without a proper supportive chair to encourage good posture, you can develop some serious back and wrist pain. Perfect for a standing desk, the Magnuessen Home Furnishing Bellamy Counter Height Office Chair is sure to promote a productive work environment. Scrollwork details and a metal wrapped front stretcher complete the style of this office chair. Complete your home office in the utmost sophistication with the Magnussen Home Furnishing Bellamy Desk Chair. This beige upholstered office chair is on wheels for easy movement and boasts gracious curved armrests and a scrollwork back all in a peppercorn finish. Complete your home office in the utmost sophistication with the Magnussen Home Furnishing Tinley Park Desk Chair. This beige upholstered office chair is on wheels for easy movement and boasts gracious curved armrests and a scrollwork back all in a weathered gray finish.

You still get a thickly padded foam seat and it’s covered with a high-quality polyester shell. In addition, the chair has a balancing mechanism (which Autonomous emphasizes is Italian-designed) that lets you switch from upright to reclining in a single action. Ergonomic design, to some extent, is present in all seating, but not all chairs can be called ergonomical. These are those chairs, in every specific taste and style we could think of. Formerly a B2B office supply company, Branch makes furniture built to endure the rigors of a workplace while keeping prices low enough for customers to buy in bulk. Since making the move from B2B to a direct-to-consumer model, its kept that ethos. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a chair that offers that much for under $300. If there were a Mount Rushmore of office chair design, Steelcase would be on it, and the Gesture chair would be its carving.

Similarly, if you care about the style of your office space, there’s no point going for a bulky one, no matter how much better it might be for your posture. Here are nine stylish desk chairs—all with casters, the ability to swivel, and flip-the-lever seat-height adjusters—that you’ll be excited to slide into each morning. This has a focus on the quality of the materials used, the upholstery selection on offer, stitching quality, hydraulics and framework fit and finish as well as foam filling type. Leather, for example, is a very warm finish and tends to boast a softer, more natural finish. Leather, when done well, also tends to have a more mature, premium aesthetic, too. Leather office chairs do tend to be more expensive than mesh chairs, though. Exercise bike office chairs – These chairs tend to combine a seat with a pedal unit that allows the sitter to work on their leg muscles and keep their circulation up while working. It is a little pricey, but it’s also one of the most eye-catching designs on this list. We love unusual and off-the-wall designs here at T3 and this design from Norwegian brand HÅG offers subtle Scandinavian minimalism and ingenuity. It looks and functions much like a cross between a regular office chair and a stool, providing you with lumbar and lower back support while forcing you to maintain your natural sitting posture.