What is the difference between dumbbells and barbells

Maybe there are still many Ifast Fitness novices who are not clear about the difference between barbells and dumbbells, and do not understand the specific difference between the two, and people who know more will entangle which equipment to use for fitness effects. Barbells and dumbbells are both. Two common equipment in fitness, through scientific and reasonable use, can achieve the training effect on most of our body muscles. Strength training and muscle gain are indispensable to these two equipment, so what is the difference between a barbell and a dumbbell? How should I choose?

1. Heavy weight

As we all know, when using barbells for fitness, you can use heavier weights than dumbbells. If you have the correct training skills, you can ensure that you have greater tension per unit cross-sectional area of your muscles, which is an increase in thickness. Condition of muscle fibers.

The reason why the weight of dumbbell training is smaller is because dumbbells are more difficult to control. Each arm needs to independently control the balance of dumbbells. This requires more small muscle groups to participate in maintaining weight balance. This is the reason.

2. Balance

Dumbbells can eliminate muscle asymmetry. This problem is very worrying for novices. If you train with a barbell, you will naturally make deceptive movements and make your strong side emit more force. However, dumbbells can prevent This happens.

In addition, when you use dumbbells to train one side, you can establish a good connection between muscles and nerves. In this way, as time goes by, once you pick up the weight, your body will automatically respond and adjust to an optimal posture. .

3. Convenience

As long as you have enough creativity, you can do a lot of exercises with dumbbells, but if it is a barbell, there is not much room for exercise. Training with dumbbells can do more one-sided training, sitting training and some that cannot be done with a barbell. The completed action.

4. Security

On the Internet, there are many videos of the barbell being pressed down during the training process. If you are not strong enough and have insufficient training experience, the risk factor of massage will be greater. When using a barbell to train, a slightly larger weight may be pressed down, so, generally Fitness coaches will recommend that fitness Xiaobai use more dumbbells, after all, dumbbells can still be on the ground at any time, not easy to get injured.