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Like many things in the world of bicycle travel, there is no correct answer here. Deciding between the use of two or four panniers will depend on the size of your panniers, the length of your tour, the amount of money you are willing to spend, and any number of other factors. Lift the pannier’s carry handle upward above the top of your rack and hook the pannier on your rack’s outer railing. At this point, some panniers will lock to the rack automatically, while others will need to be locked and secured in place manually. Inexpensive bicycle panniers will have no attachment of any kind at the bottom of the bag. Medium grade panniers will usually have a bungee attachment of some kind, but this bungee is usually unmoveable and can quickly wear out or break after just a short period of time.

Thanks to the small form factor and the padded shoulder straps, The North Face Explore Fusebox S backpack won’t be a burden to carry around town. This canvas backpack is both a practical and stylish option for anyone who cycles to and from work. The cycling backpack features a padded laptop compartment which can hold any device up to 17” and the roll top closure is expandable for when you have a few extra items to carry. Cyclists love a yellow cycling backpack and if it happens to be waterproof too, that’s a killer combination. The Craft Cadence backpack is yellow and not just waterproof but also IPX5 water rated too so you can make sure whatever you transport in this bad boy will stay dry, no matter the weather. The bottom of the pack is entirely reflective and inside you’ll find a laptop sleeve and essentials pocket, along with another small pocket on the exterior for quick-to-grab items like keys. We’ve picked out a range of different cycling backpacks to accommodate all styles and preferences, from city bikers to adventure bikers and everything in between. If you’re more of a weekend rider, for sport or leisure, then something small and lightweight, with compartments that allow you quick and easy access to your stuff can come in handy. You may wish to opt for a cycling backpack with a bladder compartment for hassle-free hydration, and backpacks with bungee cords to attach other essential items for ease of access.

With most bikepacking seat packs using one or more velcro straps to stabilize the pack, they render a dropper essentially unusable. The pack has compression straps to help condense its waistline, which should reduce the pendulum effect, and a built-in air release button helps reduce the inner bag further. Available in 6, 10 or 15-litre options, it uses both clips and a velcro mounting system attaches to the saddle rails and seat post. The Blackburn Outpost seat pack is a clever solution to add a lot of capacity and flexibility without bolting anything onto your bike, however it does recommend not attaching to a carbon seat post . It provides a great level of waterproofing, and its position does act as a bit of an ass-saver, but the extra weight up high does take a bit of getting used to. Each compartment has a 1-litre capacity and uses simple velcro straps around the headtube. It is worth noting that although this is a great budget option, the Riverside 500 isn’t waterproof. Miss Grape offers frame bags in three different sizes, and the Internode 40.6 is their smallest.

To clean this mtb saddle bag, you just wipe it over with a damp cloth. This bag fixes quickly to your bike using straps with a buckle and it is compatible with all types of bike. For nighttime safety, there are reflective strips and the bag acts as a fender to guard your body from splashes of muddy water. This saddle bag is easy to mount to your bike using a strap-on design that fixes under your bike seat. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro strap, it is very easy to attach it to your bike and take it off again. The safety features include a Scotchlite reflective trim and a taillight hanger so that you can attach a light to the bag. We have hard shell and soft shell cases, and different size cases to suit the various different types of bicycles. All our cases are lightweight and built to last, and are easy to carry too. You can choose what type of protection you need, from a simple lightweight cover for when your bike is in the back of the car, to a heavy duty bag for travelling both locally or internationally. With the working professional in mind, we have looked carefully at the details and functions that cyclists commuting to the office will consider and need.

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Claw Suspension system uses two rolled steel hooks on ABS plastic support back. Bungee cords extend from both hooks and attach to S-hooks at bottom. S-hook with Delrin® buckle/nylon strap at the bottom of the pack attaches to strap running vertically from hook to top. Buckle-closing rain hood over togglecord closure protects main compartment from road debris. A compact bike pannier with a rigid, washable back plate and a universal fit system. With a high front pocket and slender shape, the Deuter Rack Pack is the perfect storage luggage for cycle tours and local outings. On this page you will find a list of all the companies in the world currently producing bicycle panniers of some kind. The pannier companies shown here have been listed in alphabetical order. A wicked piece of kit that kept our bike safe despite its softer outer shell.

Only weighing 0.32 ounces, this addition will add almost no weight to your bike making carrying a breeze. Due to the nature of this particular saddle bag, it is incredibly safe to use. It also has reflective strips to ensure that your bike is as visible as possible to others on the road. Security.All of the saddle bags on our list will keep your belongings dry and safe throughout the ride, but there can still be security problems. This aerodynamic, swooping wedge-shaped bag blends right into your bike’s saddle and seat post without sacrificing the space you need to carry your ride essentials. The 1200 Denier Cordura construction with PTFE coating stands up to even the most adverse trail-riding conditions while keeping your valuables and gear safely secured. Made of impact-resistance mesh with ability to expand to carry more of what you need to be prepared on the road and trail. Never worry about being seen when commuting at night thanks to high quality 3M Scotchlite reflective trim and a tail light hanger for your rear bike light of choice. Cyclists know that despite being a minimalist sport, maintenance and preparedness are paramount when logging miles out on the road or trail.

The molded panels keep the shape of the bag extremely well and offer superior protection to padding alone. A 600 denier nylon fabric keeps water and dirt well away from the contents of the bag. The zippers on this bag are excellent and I saw no signs of any water making it into the pockets even in some pretty harsh rainy conditions. As for space, I’ve comfortably been able to carry sneakers, lunchboxes and even iPods with plenty of room to spare. It’s built for speed and aerodynamics, and clunky containers sticking out are, well, clunky. You need something small and aerodynamic, that attaches securely and in a convenient location. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in.

This bag firmly sits right below the saddle, and everything it carries is compact within its good-quality interior design. Even if I bring my emergency tool kit, I would still have enough extra room for my phone, wallet, and other small things that I need for my travel time. It performs as a great storage unit, and it’s not bulky under my bike seat. I can ride comfortably without feeling a sense of heaviness and hassle because of its compact design. I am always in the search for things that offer convenience and security. This product delivers those things without giving me a headache. During my first use, I flawlessly installed this item on my bike seat in little time.

The Lumis Bike Bag is detachable to allow for portability when your bike is left unattended. Ensuring that the Lumis Bike Bag is weatherproof, the designers at Happy Buddha constructed it from waterproof nylon fabric, as well as PC and ABS plastics. Pairing its durable build and slim design with intuitive assembly and attachment, the Lumis Bike Bag does not require tools or instruction for setup. With weatherproof tailoring, a clever space-saving design, and portability made simple, the Lumis Bike Bag was designed for smooth rides. The Basil Magnolia Double Bag is available in vibrant red and has a total capacity of 35 litres. I’m working on one now and have a question as to where exactly does one sew the elastic? I woyld use a teflon foot or scotch tape on the bottom of your pressure foot like you mentioned in your vinyl bag. Fold down the top of the bag and mark where you want your button placed.

The main compartment also has an expansion zip to increase the capacity up to 30 litres in total. If it’s the latter you’re after, then looking out for waterproof linings and reflective padding will come in handy for those who use their bike as their main form of transport. Once you get over the name, there’s a lot to like about this bike bag. The Db Savage is a soft-sided travel bag with a race car-inspired roll cage. This internal framework bolsters stiffness and provides an additional level of protection against damage. This budget-minded case includes wheel bags and multiple layers of foam to protect the frame from the wheels. Two fixed wheels and a pair of rotating castors make the International Bike Box II as easy to maneuver as a shopping cart. Here are nine of our favorite bike travel bags and cases you can buy right now. Cases like Scicon’s AeroComfort require very little wrenching to pack and unpack a bike but are larger and likely to incur a bike or oversize fee. Thule panniers or bike bags are perfect for taking all the gear you need on your bike journeys – and always safely, securely, and in style.

Double-check everything before you take on the road to ensure that your things and other valuables are secured. To get the most out of it, you will need to align first the mounting hardware on the rail of the saddle. Clamping both sides of the rail of the saddle will provide extra security. You also need to choose one that has a great accessibility feature. You should have ease of access when you want to get an essential item from your saddlebag. To find the right one, make sure that you go through a full check on the zippers and the organizational design of the pockets and compartments. Sturdy enough to not move, bounce, and sway even on extreme roads. This heavy-duty WOTOW Bike Saddle Bag is one of the best that the market can offer to the consumers.

Pedaling is good for you, the environment, and your pocketbook—though it’s important to do so responsibly and still practice social distancing during the COVID-19 restrictions. And hauling everything you need for those activities is easy with the right bag. Just remember that triangular bike frames come in different sizes, so you need to look at the manuals or brochures of the product so that the frame bags you buy will fit your bike. Top tube bags are usually attached to the top of the frame tube behind the head tube. It is perfect for holding items that you want easy access to and more secure, especially an intense adventure like crossing a river. For instance, looking for a bike frame bag to carry your heavy stuff, I highly recommend the Apidura frame bag and Revelate Designs. Depending on the purpose, you can have a top tube frame bag to access your cell phone. This feature comes in handy, especially if you need GPS while biking.