Hyperice Hypervolt With Bluetooth® Percussion Massage Device

Max percussion speed bottoms out at 3,200 strokes per minute at the highest intensity level. Every purchase includes a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, which is a good thing. Then there’s the QuietForce Technology that delivers up to 60 pounds of force spread through 5-speed settings . A purchase of the Opove M3 Pro comes with a carrying case and four attachments. You can get it in Silver, Red, Black or Navy Camo depending on your preference.

This year a lot of athletes discovered the benefits of massage guns. These workout recovery devices used to be a sports massage and stress-relief secret kept on the down-low by pro athletes and physical therapists. Now, these tools are being adopted by everyone from casual runners to occasional weightlifters. In fact, we’ve seen more interest in massage guns this year than we have in any other product featured on SPY, and so we’ve made it our mission to test and review as many as we can. We take a lot of pride in connecting our readers with the best massage guns. I am already loving my massage gun, although there is still a lot to explore in different settings, heads and various use.

professional massage gun 

The heavy-duty construction and the easy to hold the design of the massager make it an excellent choice when you’re looking for a single hand massager. So, when you’re looking for the best massage guns, you can consider this option. The massager which we are speaking about now can help you deal with spasms, stiffness and muscle fatigue. It has a high vibration head which allows you to relieve yourself of the pain quite quickly.

The science behind percussive massage is still not settled, but millions of people swear by it from personal experience. If muscle pain is the bane of your existence, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying a massage gun. People who want a powerful massage, ease-of-use, and little noise coming from their percussion massager. Though noticeably less powerful than many other massage guns, the selection of 20-speed settings, ranging from 1,100 to 3,000 strokes per minute, should satisfy most people. Loud and capable, this deep-tissue massager is all about getting the job done.

Other pluses include five speed settings and four different massage heads. Naipo doesn’t provide a carrying case, which is a bit disappointing. But my only real complaint is that it’s on the noisy side, at least compared with the other “minis” in the roundup, the Recoverfun and Sportneer. These things come in all shapes and sizes, from full-size guns that look like hair dryers to mini ones that look incapable of generating much massaging power. (Trust me, they’re capable.) One model has an odd, triangular body; another incorporatestwo heads. In the end, I tried to get a good sampling of what’s out there, with an eye toward products priced $100 or less.

However, these tools can really benefit anyone, not just athletes. We found that it was incredibly easy to use the TheraGun Pro for long periods of time due to it having 2 batteries that each last 2.5 hours each. The two lithium ion batteries charge quickly and allow you to always have a charged battery on hand should one of them die. The massage gun does have a battery life display on it so you are always aware of how much charge is remaining. The TheraGun PRO comes with a variety of attachments and a couple accessories.

It comes with five massage heads and is the only machine to feature an effective, if ever so slightly creepy, four-finger attachment that simulates a human hand. Fitness fanatics may find it lacklustre, but it’s a steal for just under £50. There are two further massage heads to choose from, allowing you to mix up your massage without making storage a headache. Casual users should find it ticks a lot of boxes, without making your bank balance cry. The compact size of this agile massage gun belies its power, making it a top choice for taking to the track.

To help you keep up with your work, science has given you just the just that you wished for. The above list of muscle massage guns that work on percussion therapy will help you select the right help hand for yourself. This gun is especially useful; if you are a person who loves adventure and works out, hikes do mountain climbing and other outdoor activities on a daily basis. DARKIRON’s unique deep tissue percussion muscle massager for deep tissue pain relief offers an impressive maximum of 3300 rotations per minute.

The unit also operates at a low noise level below 63.5 dB, which implies no noise disturbance in the room. With the auto power off system, the massage gun is very safe and will not overheat thus a pick you never want to miss. This lightweight gun comes with three heads – enough to cover all massaging needs, but not so many that storage is a headache. Fitness fanatics are unlikely to find it oomphy enough as a recovery aid, but it’s a trusty buy for casual use, with three speeds.

We also love that it has two speeds, which allow you to vary the intensity. Another affordable option is theAthlete Recovery Gun Massage Gun. This massage gun has better performance and versatility compared to the TimTam Deep Muscle Massager.

Our winning massage gun won us over with its smart design and slick look that screams ‘I mean business’. It glides over skin while delivering a powerful yet relaxing massage and its lengthy, slightly curved handle helps you reach all muscles. It’s the closest you’re going to get to the massage therapist that you currently can’t see, so that’s a big yes from us. That said, massage guns work differently to human hands, using a series of rapid percussive motions to pound your muscles and get blood pumping to them sharpish.