Household textiles such as linen and towels

Manufacturers of furnishing fabrics and household textiles normally produce one main range per year. Household textiles such as linen and towels will also be frequently laundered while soft furnishing like curtains and cushion covers would be subjected to much less washing and so changes in their structure due to laundering would be minimal. Many people’s perception of textiles is on traditional materials such as apparel, home furnishings, curtains, and bedding. This includes those selling food and drink, household products and toiletries, i.e. FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) producers, plus companies selling other items such as clothing, textiles, household products, DIY and garden supplies, etc.

Love Home Fabrics joins 11 interior textiles companies worldwide. From our popular “Bed-in-a-Bag” sets to our sublime comforters and quilts, we manufacture bedding products that are made to your specific color requests and designs. Home textiles include a wide range of products including:

Textile production is a complicated process, with many actors playing different roles, from the farmers who grow the fibre to the weavers who create the fabric and the people who stitch it into the final product. With the exception of our bed linen, which is too large for a hand loom, all of our fabrics are woven by hand. That’s why our bath and hand towels caress your skin only with the best quality and finest materials.

SCHIESSER home textiles not only promise quality, they also contain 100% cotton as well as Oeko-Tex Standard 100. With beautiful decorations, furniture and candles, you can create a cozy atmosphere yourself, but there’s always room for the icing on the cake: high-quality, cuddly bath textiles. Towels for your bathroom: stylish home textiles for cuddling up in.

As the biggest home textile retailer in the Algarve there isn’t much that we don`t stock in excellent quality linen and beds. Home textiles: the tactile superstars that soften the edges, engage the senses, and put the welcome” in Welcome Home.” Las Vegas Market features a full range of home textiles — including decorative pillows, cozy throws, engaging top-of-bed, comfy poufs, and more — all in trendy and proven colors, patterns and textures. Valencia, 20th June 2019.- For the fifth time in a row, the Home Textiles Premium by Textilhogar fair – the next edition of which takes place from 11th to 13th September at Caja Mágica in Madrid – has published its annual report on trends that previews what are set to be the four main streams that will inform textile design next year, 2020.