Converts Wi-Fi to Electricity By “Rectenna”

According to Christopher Intaglita, researchers have developed a lightweight, portable device to capture WiFi signals, which can be converted into direct current by Bluetooth and wireless signals.

How to realize as Wifi to electricity

One of the biggest pain points of wearable smart watches is how often to take off it after exhaustion of battery and begin to charge. So what if the solution is to charge through wifi, which is now ubiquitous, as a power source?

“WIFI signals are around us, and most of them are wasted,” said Zhang Xu, an electrical engineer at MIT. In the Journal Nature, he and his colleagues described a device called “Rectenna” that captures energy from WIFI signals and converts it into direct current.

The converter has an SD card-sized gold contact plate, which converts various wireless signals, wifi, Bluetooth mobile phone signals into AC signals. Then three atom-thickness molybdenum disulfide is used to convert AC to DC, and this layer is used as a rectifier. Slap it onto the antenna, then the two words merge into “Rectenna”.

The device is very flexible, and it uses household wireless signals. It generates about 40 microwatts of power, which is enough to light simple LED lights or power biosensors, but not enough to charge low-power smart watches or smartphones. Zhang said “Out next goal was to build an array antenna to power larger devices.”

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